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Our qualification extends beyond our own software. If we are available, you can hire us for other applications. The following are areas of our expertise that might be of interest to you.

Analytical Chemistry

We have a long experience of analytical chemistry, mainly from the steel industry. We have competences in the following techniques and instruments:

X-Ray Fluorescence
Spark Optical Emission Spectrometry
Detection of carbon and sulfur using high frequency furnace and infrared detection.
Detection of oxygen and nitrogen using Inert Gas Fusion with infrared and thermal conductivity detection.


We are highly proficient in Excel. We master VBA, array formulas, pivot tables and can easily set up data connections – to Dynalab and other systems. If you often find yourself doing repetitive work, there is probably a lot of room for improvement. We can create advanced Excel application workbooks or just help you troubleshoot existing workbooks and be someone to bounce ideas with. Have you inherited perplexing Excel files from a previous Excel wizard on your team? Fear not, we can assist and detangle all mysteries for you! We also offer training if you are looking to improve the way you work with Excel.

Software & Web Development

We have extensive experience in overall software development. We use the Microsoft .NET Framework for most of our work. In web development we are proficient in a range of frontend technologies including Svelte, React, or Vue, alongside backend tools such as Express JS, Hapi or Oak running on Node.js, Deno or Bun behind a reverse proxy like IIS, Nginx, or Apache. Additionally, we can assist in configuring a VPS and obtaining your custom domain name and SSL certificate.

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