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Laboratory Information Management Systems

A Lims is a package for handling samples, analysis results, communication with analytical instruments, reporting and distribution of results to other systems in various formats. This includes all the administrative work associated with the analysis of samples in a laboratory, e.g., registration of samples, getting analysis results from preselected instruments, and distribution of the results or processed statistical data to customers or external systems and storage of data.

Our Lims – Dynalab – is a complete system designed to handle all the tough quality demands that laboratories require.

If you are looking for a new Lims, we are sure you will find that Dynalab Pro and Dynalab Lite are highly competetive alternatives in terms of both performance and price.

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Dynalab Pro

Dynalab Pro is a very powerful piece of software that fits any laboratory, including accredited ones. The key is the high level of customization it offers. Dynalab features a built-in statistical graphing functionality and a powerful report generator. Customizing behavior in a sophisticated manner is a breeze with our integrated high-level programming language called Dynalab Basic, similar to VBA for Microsoft Office. You can also choose to do your programming in C# and VB.Net. All your code is compiled on the fly and stored in the database. This programming ability enables you to make Dynalab behave exactly as you wish. For example, giving visual feedback to operators when samples are outside limits or sending email automatically when samples are close to due date is easy to accomplish.


Audit trail
Dynalab's audit trail feature ensures complete traceability and data integrity, providing you with the assurance that your information remains secure and unaltered.
SPC (Statistical Process Control)
Attain heightened control over your product and sample quality with Dynalab's SPC feature, allowing you to optimize your processes and minimize defects and waste.
Professional Reports
Create refined testing reports and present your data in a clear and straightforward manner. With Dynalab, your organization gains the capability to offer clear and concise reporting.
Coding & Customization
Strengthen your operations using coding within Dynalab. Swiftly adjust configurations to suit your unique business demands. The code resides within the database, eliminating the need for major updates for minor changes.
Flexible Connectivity & Communication
Within Dynalab's capabilities lies the flexibility to connect with various measurement instruments, often establishing bidirectional communication. Additionally, Dynalab facilitates smooth data exchange with other systems, showcasing a practical and adaptable approach to connectivity.
QR Codes
Effortlessly generate labels featuring QR codes for streamlined tracking.

Dynalab is user-friendly, flexible, and fast, popular among both operators and administrators, and we know it would make a perfect addition to your business. We have a number of references and there are several places you can visit to see Dynalab in action.

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Dynalab Lite

Dynalab Lite is an adaption of Dynalab Pro available for smaller laboratories. It is a full Lims, and it has the same basic functionality as Dynalab Pro, although it is less configurable. It does not have the coding capability of Dynalab Pro and allows a maximum of two concurrent users, ten users in total, two connected instruments plus one instrument with manual result input.

Instrument Software

We have developed Malvern Panalytical's Industry and Quantify software packages. These are supplied as the standard analytical software for XRD instruments sold by Malvern Panalytical worldwide. Visit https://www.malvernpanalytical.com for more information.

Other Software

Our main focus is Dynalab, however, through the years we have developed a number of software, including programs for cost optimization of heats, preparation of rolls etc.

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